Aims & Objectives
The National Centre for Land Governance at IMG will generate, analyse, synthesize and disseminate knowledge on how land governance can contribute to equitable and sustainable development in line with the growing challenges in land – people relations in India. The main thrust of the Centre is to create capacities for change by bridging the gap between academia, policy making and implementation agencies. Towards achieving this end the Centre will make the existing knowledge accessible, filling the knowledge gaps and updating the policy agenda. It will promote national and international debate on current issues to optimize the land governance for the ultimate benefit to the citizen.
The Centre will develop a close relationship with leading international research institutes, organizations and networks in the field of land governance (e.g. World Bank, UN–Habitat, ADB, etc.); other knowledge institutes, NGOs and practitioners working on land governance will be invited to participate in activities of the Centre, such as through open calls for projects, research, events like workshops, conferences and courses; via publication activities and knowledge brokering and will have access to the resource portal on land governance.
The specific objectives of the centre are as follows:
  • To inculcate better sense of land governance among the officials and the political executives in the country
  • Towards developing initiatives for upholding the Doctrine of Public Trust 
  • To develop systems for the better land governance in difficult areas
  • To create a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences in the land governance sector from India and abroad
  • To undertake research and documentation of the better land governance initiatives in various states and countries
  • To offer short term and long term courses in the field of land governance for the executives and government officials of various states