As the Director of the Institute of Management in Government (IMG), Kerala, I take immense pleasure in welcoming you to our institute’s website. Established in 1981, IMG, over the last three and half decades has developed as a centre of excellence in capacity building and training of civil servants. We have been involved in developing managerial skills, organizational ability, leadership qualities and decision making skills among different categories of employees of government, public sector and NGOs.

The implementation of the State Training Policy (STP) in 2004 was a milestone. It made IMG apex training agency in Kerala.  It also underscored the importance of training of manpower at different levels at regular intervals.  The institute now facilitates training needs analysis of various organisations, design of courses, develop reading materials, implement and finally evaluate the impact of training for better performance of civil servants and improved service delivery. This year, with new ‘smart classrooms’ and a new executive hostel, the institute is on the threshold of a massive expansion in its capacity building task.  The institute is also collaborating with various ministries and other agencies in research and consultancy.

Our core areas of expertise include e-Governance, Government process re-engineering, reforms and service delivery, soft skills and administrative service related matters.  IMG has a dedicated and competent faculty team with strong inter-disciplinary skills which can partner with our clients to achieve greater heights. Our library has an excellent collection of books, journals and reports in areas of Public Administration, Economics, Finance and Management.

          There are some departments which are responsible for evaluating performances of other departments.  The personnel working in such departments need to be made aware of the importance of domain knowledge of the concerned other departments before embarking on any appraisal or enquiry into the working of that department.  Developing the required knowledge, necessary skills and appropriate attitude in the government servants in an era of digitalization, Right to Services and Right to Information are the four factors that has to be built into the training system.

In 2016-17, IMG conducted 1275 training programmes, with 5168 training days.  These trainings were conducted by 20 faculty members with the support of 87 service staff.  The training calendar for 2018-19 has been uploaded in the website. During 2017-18, IMG conducted 1127 training programmes, with 3791 training days. I wish all the training efforts help in the task of nation building.



Institute of Management in Government.