Distance Learning



RTI Distance Learning Programme   Using Video Conferencing Mode

IMG has successfully launched the   Distance Training Programme using Video Conferencing Facilities of the   Government of Kerala for training programmes on Right to Information Act,   2005. In this, IMG could conduct training programs simultaneously at multiple   locations with Video Conferencing facility. 11 districts (other than the   districts where IMG has its Centres) have been grouped into two and training   using this distance learning mode is being imparted. The faculty and the   selected District Co-ordinators will moderate the process, facilitating   effective knowledge sharing .This would enable fast roll out to the entire   State and better outreach.

Webinar System
  The present Distance Learning System has a limitation that participants need   to come to a training location where the video-conferencing facility is   located. Besides, there is difficulty in getting suitable slots for training.   We are in the process of setting up a Webinar facility which would enable   participants with web camera attached to their respective computer systems   and connected to the network, either on KSWAN or through broadband to   participate in the training programme. Webinar solutions improve the meeting   and training experience by using the latest technology features. A key   feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements - the ability to give,   receive and discuss information. Other advantage of webinar is to conduct   multiple training programmes simultaneously.
  The proposed model of Webinar being set up can have 25 participants and 5   hosts simultaneously. The Webinar facility is expected to be operational in   the next few months.


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