Training Overview



Training Activities: An Overview

For the last two decades the IMG has been providing quality training to IAS, IPS, IFS, Class I and other officers of Govt. of India. IMG has been unrelenting in the task of orienting and training different cadres of officials of the Kerala Govt., officials of public sector, autonomous institutions, NGOs. etc. With frequently reviewed training needs, well planned and comprehensive curricula, giving basic emphasis on interactive and participatory approach, the training programmes are highly rated.

Training Programmes Organised by IMG over the years

Year No of Programmes No of Participants
1981-82 73 1861
1982-83 104 2272
1983-84 90 1939
1984-85 138 2805
1985-86 163 4000
1986-87 151 3500
1987-88 143 2750
1988-89 150 3462
1989-90 160 3317
1990-91 145 3869
1991-92 169 3829
1992-93 138 3372
1993-94 186 4390
1994-95 186 5413
1995-96 126 3474
1996-97 187 4992
1997-98 225 5513
1998-99 231 6519
1999-00 338 16772
2000-01 371 23242
2001-02 205 5360
2002-03 364 10896
2003-04 416 11700
2004-05 1036 26770
2005-06 1119 29146
2006-07 1344 38018
2007-08 576 17394
2008-09  1166  32552
2009-10 1370 36801
2010-11 1177 30805
2011-12 1267 32835
2012-13 1228 32866
2013-14 1100 29225
2014-15 1192 33014

Thrust Areas of IMG

  • Project Planning and Management
  • Training of Trainers
  • Small Business Management
  • Health Services Management
  • Hospital Administration
  • Management Information System
  • Government System and Procedures
  • Decentralized Planning
  • Panchayat Raj and Rural Development
  • Disaster Management
  • Environment Management
  • Gender and Development
  • Economic Reforms and Public Administration
  • Management of Educational Institutions
  • Financial Management
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Direct Taxes Administration
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Total Quality Management
  • Agri-Horti Business Management


Reseacrh,Consultancy and Professional Assistance

Over a period of time, IMG has undertaken and completed numerous research and consultancy programmes for State and Central Governments and their satellite institutions. The Institute has also designed and implemented programmes for their clients after assessing the training and job needs on the lines prescribed by UNDP. The Institute has been identified as one of the three partners amongst the training institutes by the Dept. of Personnel and Training, Govt. of India; New Delhi in its UNDP assisted project for improving transparency in Govt. IMG is one of the few institutions specially equipped by the Govt. of India for promotion of total quality management, information technology & Decentralized Planning.

The Institute has been functioning as a think tank for the State Govt. advising them on issues of administrative and managerial importance. The Institute has a mandate to disseminate the implications of the Government policies, decisions and legislation's to Govt. employees. Seminars and workshops are organized involving representatives from Govt., Professional bodies, Academic Institutions and voluntary agencies to evolve a consensus on various issues of administrative and governmental importance. Similarly, the training and administrative needs of various administrative departments are periodically assessed and the curricula reformulated to ensure that the programmes are truly client oriented.



Training is an obligation of the State Government towards its employees.  The objective in fulfilling this obligation would be to develop and maintain their efficiency and effectiveness.  This is not a one-time responsibility but a permanent and continuing one that extends through the career of the employee.  For the employees of the Government and other Government agencies and organizations, training is equivalent to a natural right.  This stems from the recognition that training is a pre-requisite for enabling them to demonstrate the required degree of efficiency, effectiveness and behavioural propriety expected of them both towards the public and to others in their own work organizations.

The Mission of the training enterprise of the Kerala State Government is the transformation of each and every employee in Government Departments and Government agencies and organizations into fully developed, duty conscious, development oriented, well-behaved, competent and motivated member of work teams who are committed to the promotion of public welfare.  This implies that in the pursuit of excellence in the promotion of public welfare, training in all relevant efficiency enhancing technologies from the range of choices available at any given time, will be imparted to the employees.  The expected outcome is a Public Service System for the State, the edifice of which will be built on people (customer)-focused management that allows the greatest room for their participation in decision-making, and one that is geared towards promoting continuous innovations towards the relentless pursuit of total quality in governance.