Induction Training Programmes




Induction training for new recruits plays an important role in the overall shaping of an employee.  It helps improving employee morale and productivity, and trains them on skills which the employees would require in fulfilling their responsibilities in the Government. Recognising the importance of the Induction Training, the Hon'ble  Minister for Finance provided Rs. One Crore in the Budget Speech of 2009-2010 for providing Induction Training to employees.
Institute of Management in Government, (IMG) the Apex Training Institute of Kerala has revamped the existing course curriculum based on current focus and thrust in governance. The revised course content 'The New Induction Training Programme' spans three weeks with the following six areas of governance.

         (1) Individual Perspective
         (2) Rules & Procedures
         (3) Financial Management
         (4) Service Delivery
         (5) e-Governance
         (6) Accountability

The New Induction Training Programme is a certification programme. The certificate will be awarded to successful participants after an evaluation.

IMG is initially proposing to conduct forty New Induction Training Programmes every year in its main campus at Thiruvananthapuram and two Regional Centres in Kochi and Kozhikode focusing on new recruits in Government Secretariat and selected Departments with maximum Government-Citizen interface.  This programme marks the launch of this major initiative to provide professional Induction Training to new recruits of all Departments within the Government.

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