Project Plan












  • Procure infrastructure and set up of Project Office

  • Constitute Project Team

  • Assign duties and responsibilities to Project Team

  • Discuss Project Road Map with Project Manager

  • Discuss Risks and mitigation measures proposed

  • Notification and selection of external consultants





  • Communicate project objectives, goals, milestones and deliverables to Department Heads and obtain buy-in

  • Obtain details of Nodal officer from Department Heads

  • Discuss Project Road Map with Nodal Officer (Government Department)

  • Constitute Task Force groups and obtain list of members through Nodal Officer (s)

  • Finalise dates for conducting project familiarisation workshops 







  • Conduct project familiarisation workshop

  • Communicate project objectives, goals, milestones and deliverables to Task Force members

  • Conduct literature review and field study to identify best practices

  • Understand duties and responsibilities currently performed by each cadre through documents such as manuals, GOs and circulars available at the Department.

  • Considering the Departments Vision and Mission, new projects, the duties, responsibilities and expected performance levels of officials are determined through a series of Task Force meetings with the engagement of external consultants

  • Identify set of competencies

  • Develop first draft and obtain approval from internal stakeholders

  • Review by a panel of Subject Matter Experts

  • Validate the findings with Department heads, external and interface stakeholders

  • Obtain feedback and incorporate changes into the draft competency framework document

  • Prepare final Competency Framework document





  • Finalise dissemination workshops for Project Sponsor, Department Heads, Press and invitees from other ATIs.

  • Present final department-wise Competency framework document

  • Send project deliverable (outcome) to Project Sponsor and concerned Departments

  • Intimate project sponsor about project completion file closure report

  • Release project office to the implementing agency

  • Conduct post execution review