To develop a competency-based human resource management framework for civil services, in order to redefine and transform standards of service delivery.  



  1. To identify three government departments that have significant public/citizen interaction, for piloting the project;
  2. Identify cadres that are at cutting-edge level of operation, from the three departments;
  3. For each cadre, identify eight critical competencies that are essential for effectively carrying out the job responsibilities assigned for the cadre



  1. Select eight competencies, its proficiency levels and behavioural indicators, essential for effectively carrying out the stated job responsibilities of the cadre, from the competency dictionary, developed by UNDP for the Government of India
  2. Identify any new competency that may be found essential for carrying out a particular job, but not listed in the competency dictionary
  3. Prepare a competency framework document for 35 cadres  from the three selected departments

The above exercise should be with documents/GOs available for each cadre, in the respective departments. Where it is not available for reference, competencies should be identified through an exercise involving thorough analysis of jobs currently carried out.


 Deliverable : 

  • 35 sets of Competency Framework Documents for Departments and Cadres as listed below:


No. of cadres
Position Titles


Social Justice


  1. District Social Justice Officer
  2. Probation Officer
  3. Welfare Institution Superintendent
  4. Child Development Project Officer
  5. Regional Dowry Prohibition Officer
  6. Programme Officer
  7. Deputy Superintendent (HM)
  8. Deputy Superintendent
  9. USNP - Program Officer
  10. Section Officer
  11. Accounts Officer
  12. Women Protection Officer
  13. Assistant Child Development Project Officer Child Welfare Inspector
  14. ICDS Supervisor
  15. Deputy Superintendent - HM II
  16. Care Taker - Male
  17. Care Taker - Female
  18. Matron
  19. District Child Protection Officer


ST Development


  1.  Tribal Extension Officer
  2.  Hostel Wardens
  3.  Project Officers
  4.  Tribal Development Officer
  5.  Assistant Programme Officer
  6.  Assistant Tribal Development Officer
  7.  Senior Superintendents of MRS
  8.  Tribal Promoters




  1.  Deputy Superintendent of Police
  2.  Circle Inspector
  3.  Sub Inspector
  4.  Assistant Sub Inspector
  5.  Sr. Civil Police Officer
  6.  Women Civil Police Officer
  7.  Civil Police Officer