In the context of India’s emerging economic and geo-political importance in the world, the challenges of Human Resource Management for the Civil Services are increasing by the day, especially with the citizens’ rising demands on governance system and service delivery. The present HRM system of the Government of India is in existence since independence, and its features however, are aligned with the traditional approaches rather than towards the much needed responsive governance requirements of the present.

It is in this context that, collectively, experts in the domain, the second report of Administrative Reforms Commission (2008) and the Approach Paper to the 12th Five-Year Plan of our country stressed the importance of professionalizing public administration for good governance and to make civil servants more service-oriented and citizen-centric. Consequently, a project on developing a Competency Framework for Strategic Human Resource Management was conceived, with the support of Department of Administrative Reforms and Personnel Grievances (DARPG). Identifying a set (eight to ten) of critical competencies that professionalize the human resources, in order to bring about quality and citizen-centric service delivery, formed the core of the project.

Three departments, based on the quantum of interactions between citizens’ and civil servants and the quality of services to be delivered, were chosen on pilot basis. They are Police, Social Justice and ST Development Departments.

The duration of the project is eighteen months and it commenced on 1st of January, 2015. A team consisting of Nodal Officer, Project Coordinator and two supporting members is set up and activities are taken up in a phased manner.     The project is scheduled to end on 30th of July, 2016.