Women’s Day Celebration


          International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2017, campaign was “Be Bold for a Change”, call on the masses to help, for a working world, a more inclusive, gender equal world. As part of the campaign, Institute of Management in Government and Manickal Grama Panchayat jointly celebrated the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women of Manickal Grama Panchayat in connection with the project on “Action Research & Training for Local Self Government Institutions for Implementation of Women Component Plan (WCP) through Gender Budgeting. Women’s day celebrations were organized to boost the confidence of women of Panchayat and to motivate them to reach the forefront.

     The program commenced with flag hoisting by Smt. Lalitha, former Panchayat President and a Retd. Teacher highly respected in the Panchayat, followed by an oath to forge women’s development.

“I will be bold and challenge bias and inequality

I will be bold and campaign against violence

I will be bold and forge women’s advancements

I will be bold and celebrate women’s achievements

I will be bold and champion women’s education”

          Chief Guest, Dr.  R. Jayasree, Professor, IMG, gave an inspiring session to the audience on “Psychological Empowerment of Women”. Through her speech, Dr. P Leela Kumari motivated the women of the Panchayat to “Be Bold for Change” which is the main theme of International Women’s Day, 2017. The Vision Document Plan on Women’s Development for 2030 was delivered by Panchayat member Smt. Lekha Kumari, wherein the Vision, Mission & Plan of Action for developing gender equity and equality in Manickal Panchayat by accelerating social status of women. Excise Department launched ‘Vimukthi’ campaign, to create awareness against the use of drugs, narcotics and alcohol during this program.

The entire program was managed by the members of the ‘Event Management Team’, selected as a part of skill acquisition program of the Action Research project. Community food was served during the programme, which included tea, snacks & lunch prepared by Women of Manickal Grama Panchayat from local produces. The women of the Panchayat entertained the audience by a myriad of cultural programs, including songs, thiruvathira dance, and poetry recitation, to name a few, which helped in unleashing their limitless potential in various arenas. The entire event was documented by a female Videographer from the Event Management project.