Impact assessment


With the introduction of the State Training Policy (STP) in 2004, the training strategy underwent significant changes.  Some of the salient features of the new approach were systematic assessment of training needs of each Department, development of training modules, including training materials and training plans, Training of Trainers to a select sample of officers from the concerned departments, training of all categories of officials form each Department separately and rollout of programmes using Training Coordinators form the client Departments.  These activities were carried out in a phased manner with the participation, involvement and support from the Departments.   A  Training Manager was put in place in each Department so as to ensure the smooth functioning of training courses conducted by each Departmental.  Currently, IMG runs programmes, both directly through its headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram and the two Regional Centres and in various districts through the Departmental Coordinators.

During the period 2004-05 to 2007-08, IMG has conducted a total no of 3459 training courses with a total number of 95698 participants. This consists of programmes conducted at its headquarters and the two Regional Centres and in various districts though Departmental Coordinators. The total number of Departments covered under this period comes to 36.

Except the end evaluation, both written and oral, by the participants of each course, no systematic efforts have been made to evaluate programmes conducted under STP. Without empirical data on the planning and implementation process, structures and mechanisms, infrastructure, post training follow up system, and the impact of training on the participants’ knowledge, skill and performance, modifications for enhancing the effectiveness of programmes become problematic.  In is in this context that IMG has entrusted Centre for Management Development (CMD) with the task of conducting an evaluation of training programmes under STP, with special focus on impact assessment of the programmes on participants.

Objectives of the study

The Study broadly aims to make an evaluation of the training programmes under STP and to make recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of programmes.  The specific objectives of the study are to:

  • Evaluate training processes involved in conducting training programmes and the institutional structure and mechanisms for the same
  • Assess the training content, methodology and training material in terms of objectives / training need analysis
  • Evaluate the process of selection of Faculty / Trainers
  • Assess the infrastructure available for conducting training programmes
  • Evaluate the post training follow up system
  • Assess the impact of training programme (2007-08 only) on participants on the job performance and
  • Make recommendations for enhancing effectiveness of training programmes

The CMD has begun the study and relevant data have been collected from IMG.  We are expecting the analysis reports at the earliest.